Service Delivery Outcomes

Delivering successful outcomes is at the heart of our business…

  • Our in-house Positive Behaviour Support Team play a key role in supporting staff to deliver positive outcomes; they also ensure day opportunities and activities are meaningful for each individual helping them to lead full and active lives in their community
  • A recent survey showed that 85% of LD service user behaviour had improved or remained at the improved level measured at their last review
  • 90% of MD service users’ mental health improved or remained at the improved level of their last review
  • 100% of service users enjoy activities both in and outside the service with an average of 12 activities undertaken each week
  • 23% of service users attend school or college courses
  • 8% of service users are engaged in some form of paid or voluntary work
  • Not all of the people we support can cope with or choose to have an annual holiday, but 68% of service users enjoyed a holiday either within the UK or abroad supported by Choice Care Group staff.