We have a thorough referral and assessment process

We work with individuals and their advocates to plan a bespoke transition programme for anyone moving to one of our community homes or supported living packages of care.

Referrals come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds, including placement breakdowns, Special Education Needs (SEN) schools, residential colleges, community support units and individuals looking to leave the family home for the first time. In each case, we assess the needs, abilities and personality of the individual in detail, to determine their suitability for a particular home. The purpose of our assessment is also to ensure that we are offering a home in which the individual will be able to achieve positive outcomes with regards to their own dreams and aspirations.

Referrals can be made by a social worker, care manager or the individual’s parents, although the care manager acting on behalf of the service user must be consulted before an assessment can take place. With the advent of the Personalisation Agenda and the drive towards Self Directed Support, we also anticipate and look forward to working ever more directly with service users and their families/advocates.

The Referral Process

During the referral process, the service user, their family, friends and/or advocates and the care manager/social worker are offered the opportunity to visit any suitable homes for themselves, allowing them the opportunity to meet the other service users and staff. Where it is not possible or appropriate for the service user to visit in person, it is important to have guidance from someone who knows the individual well and can make recommendations on their behalf.

Should all parties, including the service user themselves, agree that the placement is appropriate, the care manager will apply for funding. If, and when, funding is agreed, a transition plan can then be devised, which will be specifically tailored to the individual’s needs, in order to provide as much support as possible during the move.

This process is designed to help the service user, and all those supporting them, to feel as confident as possible that the placement will be a success.

For more information, or to make a referral for either our residential or supported living service, please call the Referrals Team on 0203 195 0151 or email