Working in partnership with commissioning stakeholders

Building a strong partnership with both Clinical Commissioning Groups and local authorities is critical to serving the social care and mental health needs of the communities we operate in. The adult care sector faces a variety of challenges, with rising demand for services placing growing pressure on finite resources. It's our shared responsibility to help find new solutions.

Adopting a more collaborative approach not only generates better services today, it helps us plan more effectively for future needs. This means constantly re-evaluating our service provision and responding rapidly to local, and regional, priorities.

To promote this agenda, we meet regularly with local commissioning teams to review working processes, identify improvements and discuss future services - with the ultimate aim of enhancing quality of care, choice and opportunities for those we support. Feedback from commissioning partners is essential in this process and we value these insights to help shape our continued development.

We aim to be flexible, proactive partners; good listeners who communicate regularly and respond rapidly. As a result, we frequently find solutions for more challenging individuals for whom other providers are often unable or unwilling to offer appropriate or timely support.

Co-producing services

As a responsive provider, we hope to evolve our services alongside the changing needs of our commissioning stakeholders. We work closely with them to identify trends and analyse future requirements, developing and configuring new services in anticipation of local demand.

We are committed to exploring new solutions in response to accelerating demand across the complex needs sector. We're leading the Transforming Care agenda in a number of the areas where we operate, working with our peers to promote efficiencies in assessment and placements.

For example, we are one of seven care providers that meet regularly as part of the Transforming Care Response Group in Surrey. These meetings are aimed at finding placement solutions for people who are currently, or at risk of being, hospitalised. We also collaborate to avoid instances where individuals are faced with having to seek care services outside the county.

"Professional, very good communication skills, service user centred. Very helpful and engaging during all Continuing Healthcare funding assessments. Contributed positively throughout process. A very good team and manager."


Financial responsibility

We are conscious of the significant financial restrictions facing many of our stakeholders, and the pressures placed on adult care budgets nationwide. Our commercial team look for responsible measures to help manage costs.

We consistently evaluate individual Care Needs Assessments to ensure that people are supported at the appropriate level, We're open and transparent in our pricing models and never seek to fill a bed if a more suitable alternative can be found.

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