Supported Living

Supported living is the arrangement whereby someone who already has (or wants to have)  their own tenancy or own home, also has support from a “Care and Support” provider to help them live as independently and safely as possible. They will receive support to live their everyday lives which might include help with:

  • Managing bills and money
  • Cooking and healthy eating
  • Shopping
  • Getting a job
  • Learning new skills
  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Managing medication
  • Accessing sports, leisure and social activities

People who live in supported living can live in a variety of different settings, for example:

  • With another person or others they have chosen to live with in shared accommodation eg a shared house where they all contribute to the bills and upkeep of the communal areas
  • On their own in a flat/house or bungalow, etc.

In supported living tenants are responsible for providing any furniture, both for their own room and for any communal or shared areas. Tenants are also responsible for paying their own bills including utility bills, buying their own food, drink and clothes and covering the cost of any activities they want to do.  At Choice a key part of the care and support service we provide is about supporting tenants to understand their responsibilities and support them to effectively and safely manage these areas.