Berkshire care services Appletrees Boxgrove House Bramerton Carisbrooke Fearnley House Hazeldene Heronsmede Little Heath Court Parkview Peppard House Rowan Cottage White House

Home Name Location Registered
Appletrees Chapel Row, Bucklebury 8 beds
Boxgrove House Tilehurst, Reading 10 beds plus 1 annexe
Bramerton Bray, Maidenhead 10 beds plus 1 annexe
Carisbrooke Emmer Green, Reading 6 beds
Fearnley House Old Windsor 4 beds
Hazeldene Reading 10 beds
Heronsmede Old Windsor 8 beds
Little Heath Court Reading 7 beds plus 1 annexe
Parkview Tilehurst, Reading 8 beds plus 1 annexe
Peppard House Caversham, Reading 7 beds
Rowan Cottage Reading 8 beds plus 1 annex
White House Datchet 7 beds plus 2 annexes

Providing care homes since 1992, Choice Care Group support and care for adults with a mental health disorder; offering them an intensive care package with the aim of promoting recovery and reintegration back in to the community, improving their standard of living, independence and all-round confidence. We offer a comprehensive and person-centred service which includes positive behaviour support and support to access education, employment and social opportunities.

In order to assist the individual to progress through a positive care pathway, we provide thorough assessments, risk management plans, and therapeutic interventions, all in an effort to help the individual become more independent. We also use the Recovery Star to map and promote positive outcomes.

Residential Care Homes Berkshire

As a reflection of our diversity, we have three very distinct social care packages for those who choose our care homes in Berkshire;

  • Residential Services
  • Supportive Living
  • Home/Community Support

Choice Care Group’s residential Mental Health services are designed for those who need a safe, highly staffed community placement to help them move on from hospital, forensic or secure services where they can develop their independent living and coping skills in a secure environment.

Our Supported Living service in Berkshire provides bespoke, individualised packages of care delivered to the person within their tenancy, be that shared or single. living supported by Choice Care Group varies from one individual to the next, and can include round the clock, 24 hour care or just a few hours of support a day.

Community support refers to packages of care being delivered to the individual who wishes to remain living with family, but needs support with their day to day living or to access community activities.

Our care homes are able to help those with a mental health disorder and history of risk to themselves or others live life to the fullest and achieve positive outcomes in their recovery and rehabilitation. To make a referral to Choice Care Group call us on 0203 195 0134 and speak with us today, or email us at