Hampshire care services Cambria House Elliot House Fairview Stoke Lodge Stokewood Fritham Sennen Lodge Parkwood Lodge Redlands House Twynham Heywood Sumner House Ocknell Park Woodlands St Andrews Appleton Fountain View Abbeyfield Lodge Victoria Lodge Chesham House Holly Lodge Portchester Lodge Dibden View Downham Lodge Oakley Lodge Ravenna Lodge

Home Name Location Registered
Abbeyfield Lodge Fleet, Hampshire 12 beds plus 1 flat
Albert Lodge Southsea, Hants. 6 beds
Appleton Bitterne, Southampton 7 beds
Cambria House Winchester 8 beds
Chesham House Bitterne Southampton 8 beds plus 2 annexes
Compton House Compton, Winchester 8 beds plus 3 annexes
Dibden View Gosport, Hampshire 9 beds
Downham Lodge Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire 8 beds
Elliott House Fleet 9 beds
Fairview Baughurst, Tadley 4 beds plus 3 annexes (one with 2 beds)
Fountain View Lower Upham, Southampton 6 beds
Fritham Lodge Southampton, Hampshire 10 beds plus 2 bed annex
Heywood Sumner House Fordingbridge, Hampshire 12 beds
Holly Lodge Lymington, Hampshire 8 beds plus 2 annexes (one with 2 beds)
Oakley Lodge Basingstoke, Hampshire 8 beds plus 4 annexes
Ocknell Park New Forest, Hampshire 11 beds plus 1 annexe
Otterbourne House Compton, Winchester 7 beds plus 2 annexes
Parkwood Lodge Waterlooville, Hampshire 7 beds
Portchester Lodge Gosport, Hampshire 7 beds plus 3 annexes
Ravenna Lodge Andover, Hampshire 7 beds plus 2 studios and 2 flats
Redlands House Eastleigh, Hampshire 8 beds
Red Roof Baughurst, Tadley 6 beds plus 2 annexes
Sennen Lodge Southampton, Hampshire 8 beds
St Andrews Fareham, Hampshire 5 beds
Stoke Lodge Basingstoke 9 beds
Stokewood Fareham, Hampshire 7 beds plus 2 annexes
Twynham New Milton, Hampshire 7 beds
Victoria Lodge Southsea, Hants. 9 beds
Woodlands Netley Marsh, Southampton 6 beds

Care Services in Hampshire

Our residential care services in Hampshire provide an ideal setting where each individual can progress with their personal development and establish coping skills around the management of their behaviour. Our homes are people-centred, meaning that all care packages reflect the individual’s preferences, ambitions, likes and dislikes.

As well as high levels of fully trained staff, working on a 24 hour basis, we offer positive behaviour support, alongside on-going education, employment, leisure and social opportunities. Each individual has a weekly schedule of activities, which supports many of our service users’ need for predictability, familiarity, and routine.

The focus of all our care packages is to deliver positive outcomes for the individual, no matter what their disability or behavioural presentation and improve their all-round standard of living. To find out more about our care services, call us today on 0203 195 0134 to speak with a member of our referrals team or email us at enquiries@choicecaregroup.com.