We have an ethos of quality of care, governance and delivery of successful outcomes which are embedded throughout the organisation.

Our well established corporate governance system includes monitoring of the following at both Board and senior local management level.

Our robust internal inspection systems include the monitoring of:

  • CQC compliance
  • internal inspections compliance
  • complaints and resolutions
  • health & safety requirements
  • accidents to staff and service users including hospital visits
  • safeguarding alerts including trend analysis
  • quality assurance survey results
  • service user committee minutes
  • industrial tribunal claims
  • employee liability insurance claims
  • exception reports on regular monitoring visits by the Regional Directors and “Expert Auditor” visits
  • whistleblowing alerts and resolutions
  • service user issues
  • staffing and recruitment, including sickness,vacancies, overtime worked and staff turnover
  • staff training
  • any senior management issues and management changes

We have the following in place to ensure we continually improve the quality of our services.

These are reviewed regularly at both Board and local management level:

  • A comprehensive training programme monitored by service and individual staff member to agreed targets. This includes mandatory training as well as training specific to the needs of each service and service users.
  • Foundation and advanced management development programmes to enable staff progression and provide experienced and trusted Choice staff for new services
  • Regional Directors carry out annual inspections to the CQC format across each others’ services in addition to their regular monthly monitoring visits. A schedule of unannounced out of hours visits is also undertaken by the Regional Directors and other members of the Senior Management Team.
  • Positive Behaviour Support Team staff are based in the services and are supervised by Regional Directors as well as clinically supervised by the qualified clinical leads in each region.
  • Service users are employed as “Expert Auditors” to accompany Area Directors on their monthly monitoring visits. They produce a report which is circulated to both the CEO and Director of Operations.
  • Each member of staff carries a card with the CEO’s and the Director of Operation’s contact details ensuring the ability to whistleblow at any time. The website includes a facility to whistleblow easily through the home page and directly to the CEO.
  • CCG has a strong focus on recruitment to ensure that staff vacancies are always low. This helps to ensure we always know our staff and that they are appropriately trained.
  • CCG engages with purchasers and is transparent with respect to fee breakdowns so that the purchasing body is very clear about the levels of support and service they are purchasing.
  • All staff have DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checks and references which meet the CCG standards before they can work in our services. Robust systems are in place to ensure that new staff cannot put our service users at risk.
  • All service users have activity timetables to ensure that they are fully engaged and occupied; this is overseen by a centralised activities coordinator.

Alongside our own quality programme, we also follow the government’s Quality Matters initiative.