Support to access social, educational and employment opportunities

All our service users have individually-designed packages of education, employment and leisure opportunities, devised to meet their specific needs and abilities as well as their likes and dislikes.

The aim is to build on existing skills and support each individual in their continued personal development.

Wherever possible, programmes are devised in association with the service user, as well as relevant professionals such as speech therapists, the positive behaviour support team, local colleges and music, drama and art therapists. Service users can also take advantage of a wide range of community resources, including colleges, sports and leisure facilities, pubs, clubs and restaurants, supported workshops and vocational opportunities.

All our residential homes have ‘activity areas’ and an activities organiser

These are fully equipped with resources specific to the developmental needs of the service users at that home, and the leisure and educational activities they take part in. All homes also have computers and internet access, used to meet a variety of educational aims and objectives.

To help our service users lead independent, active and fulfilling lives, we provide tailored encouragement and support, including access to appropriate training, to help individuals build the skills and confidence to gain employment, both voluntary and paid.

Each home has an allocated activities organiser who, together with the social care workers, helps every service user to participate in both internal and external activities. Activities are service user-focused, with an emphasis on having fun.