Did You Know It’s National Apprenticeship Week…

“Being an only child, working for Choice feels more like a being in a family than in a job”

Meet Alex Carty, one of our many hardworking apprentices. At only 17 years old, Alex has already taken the first defining steps that he hopes will launch him into a long and rewarding career in the world of care. Embarking into a new and unexplored environment, Alex has learnt from first-hand experience what it means, and what it takes to be a care worker. Uncertain about career paths, and tired of regimented education Alex chose to join Choice Care Group, and for him there’s now no looking back.

Alex works at one of our Swindon homes. Since beginning his apprenticeship little more than a month ago, Alex says he has already matured both academically and emotionally. His understanding of learning difficulties and mental health has developed exponentially, with the service users and staff breaking his assumptions of what life in care is really like. One of the many things that impressed Alex was how much he has learnt directly from working with some of our service users; they’ve shown him how being disabled “doesn’t mean that you have to be cut off from the world,” that community access and a great quality of life are more than possible with the right support.

Working at Choice Care Group has also given Alex an array of qualifications. He has passed his first aid training, as well as epilepsy and autism courses. He is working on his NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care now, and is set on doing his level 3 with us. All of this comes just as a side to working towards his Care Certificate. Alex has also chosen to broaden his horizons; being inspired by some of our service users he has decided that he wants to learn Makaton, something that Choice is more than happy to assist him with.

However, it’s not all just hard work. There’s nothing Alex loves more than getting involved with his new found family in the huge selections of activities. From skittles to board games, from road trips to days at the beach, life at Choice is as rewarding as it is fun.

Be like Alex, and start your career in care today.