The Choice Care Group Academy

At Choice we are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best people.

We believe in nurturing the talent of our staff so they can provide the best possible service and go on to achieve promotion into more senior positions through learning skills and benefitting from the experience they are gaining every day. Junior staff are reliant on the supervision, mentoring and coaching they get from the colleagues they work alongside so it is vital for these colleagues to pass on the very best practice and skills to support the people in our services to the highest professional standards.

We have carried out an extensive programme on staff development and as a result we have introduced the Choice Care Group Academy which is an integrated approach to developing staff, starting for all new staff as soon as they join us and working its way up to the senior management roles.

We feel confident that through the Choice Care Group Academy we can achieve an excellent succession of professionals to acquire management and leadership posts. This will benefit the people we support, our staff and also ensure the organisation can continue to successfully provide the best possible services.

CCG Accademy