Staff counselling services

We recognise that our staff may sometimes face stressful and difficult situations in the course of their daily work, and that these problems can have an impact on their physical and emotional well being and on their ability to carry out their work.  Equally we are all subject to everyday problems at home, which can affect our ability to manage our roles. Quick access to specialist support and information can make all the difference at these times.

We value our staff highly and therefore provide access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which provides 24-hour free, confidential phone-line help from specially-trained staff and professionals for issues such as:

  • Relationships – Family, partners, work, friends
  • Financial issues – Money worries
  • Housing problems
  • Family care – Childcare, maternity, young people’s health, elder care
  • Legal issues – Division of property, divorce law
  • Health matters – Pills and prescriptions, healthy living, travel clinic
  • Work issues – Work-life balance, bullying and harassment, stress

We hope that this service reflects the importance we place on maintaining a happy and motivated workforce, who in turn are invaluable in maintaining happy and engaged service users.