Delivering positive outcomes

Delivering successful outcomes is at the heart of our business. Through detailed assessment informs, personalised care plans and setting achievable goals, we monitor individual behavioural, emotional and psychological needs. We work closely with health and social care professionals, the people we support and their families, to ensure we provide the appropriate level of care at all times.

Whether in a residential home or in the community, our approach ensures everyone gets the support they need to progress, at their own pace, toward a more independent future.

A recent survey indicated that of the people we support:

85 of those with learning disabilities showed improvement, or remained at an improved level as measured at their last review.

90 of those with mental health conditions showed improvement, or remained at an improved level as measured at their last review.

100 enjoy activities, with an average 12 activities undertaken weekly.

23 attend school or college courses.

8 are engaged in some form of paid or voluntary work.

68 enjoyed a holiday in the UK or abroad supported by Choice Care staff.

"This is the best possible care home for our daughter, the care she has received has transformed her, she is much more sociable, gentle and caring... she is happier... and her bouts of anxiety have virtually disappeared. We are amazed at her transformation."

Measuring outcomes

The Recovery Star is an outcomes-based measurement tool recognised by the Department of Health and mandated by the department's Commissioning for Quality and Innovation Payment Framework.

The tool is used in our mental health services to allow us to measure recovery together, with those we support, by charting their progress in ten areas including the management of their mental health, living skills, relationships, work, identity and self-esteem.

Individuals set their own goals for each area and can see clear evidence of their progress over time. Their involvement in the process helps to reinforce motivation, enhance skills and confidence, assisting them in identifying new goals, and the support needed to achieve them, with the ultimate aim of moving on to more independent living.

For commissioners, Recovery Star also demonstrates that key care objectives are being met and that outcomes are being delivered.

Success stories

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