Expert auditors

Internal Inspections

At Choice we believe that the people using our services are best placed to identify what we are doing well in providing quality outcomes for service users and what we could do better.

So, in addition to the Internal Inspections carried out by our Quality Team, we also operate an Expert Auditors scheme. These individuals who use our services are employed to carry out one task of management monitoring per month, and report back with their findings.

Some of our Expert Auditors have presented to Choice Care Group’s Board of Directors with the following feedback:

  • “Choice is an organisation that is going in the right direction”
  • “Having us as Expert Auditors really encourages services users to be more involved in the running of the homes.  This is just the start of … service users becoming more involved in running the organisation”
  • “I ask the people living there what they do all day, how they get on with the other people living there and how they get on with the staff”
  • “We want updates to show you have acted on our recommendations or if you don’t agree with them, (we want to know) why?

We really value the insight the Expert Auditors provide into the way the services work. As an organisation, we are always looking to further improve what we do and the Expert Auditors are an essential part of helping us to do that.