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Transition events

Transition events

DATE: 12.12.2023

Choice attends a number of transition events at schools and colleges during the year where we talk to young people and their parents about the the next stage for them and what we can offer.

We spoke to Ewa, Business Development Manager & Deputy Head of Referrals and Wirginia, Referrals Manager about the transition events that Choice Care attend.

Can you tell us about the recent Sheiling School transition event?
We were invited to Sheiling School transition event, where we had a stand with our marketing materials and infomation about our homes and supported living services. During the day, parents of students who are due to finish school were able to ask questions about our support services, what we offer at Choice Care and where our services are located.

Can you tell me why the team enjoy these events?
Events like this give us a chance to engage with parents and young adults as well as having the opportunity to talk about what we do at Choice Care and how we support young adults with transitions when they finish college. It also is good for us to see what other services offer as well as gathering feedback regarding locations for future demand.

Can you tell me why it’s useful for parents etc to attend? What can they find out about Choice Care at these events? 
It can be daunting for parents when their children transfer into adult services. It's useful for them to understand the options they have when the young person finish education and are looking for their future placement. Often parents may be confused about what is available to them and about the difference between supported living and residential services and we are there to give advice and guidance.

We really enjoy these events, as they give us a chance to meet people and tell them all about the wonderful services at Choice Care!’

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