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Tom's story

Tom's story

DATE: 22.02.2024

This is Tom's story about being supported by Choice Care....

About Tom
Tom is in his early thirties and has been living at one of Choice Care’s residential homes in Hampshire since 2010. Tom, who has a learning disability and autism, came to Choice from a hospital setting when he was ready to move onto the next stage and become more independent in his day-to-day life. He is a very lively and engaging person whose big aim was to be able to go out and about in the community by himself.

How did Choice Care help?
Initially Tom needed a lot of reassurance from staff. It was very important that he felt listened to and understood. Daily support sessions helped with this and Tom was also supported with day-to-day tasks, attending appointments and taking part in activities he enjoyed.  He prefers to have information given to him in short sentences so that he can fully understand what he is being told and his support staff ensured this was done.

Tom’s staff team worked closely with him but in an informal, relaxed way so that he didn’t feel pressurised and could engage without feeling anxious. As Tom’s confidence grew, he was able to ask for help with a task if he was unsure. He preferred staff to demonstrate and explain a task to him which he would then do on his own and ask staff to check.

Tom’s aims
Tom’s biggest dreams was to be able to access the community on his own. As he progressed and overcame previous difficulties, Tom’s support team worked with him to develop a stepped plan to achieve his dream. Initially he had staff support to go out and attend his chosen activities, but this was gradually withdrawn until Tom felt confident to go by himself, which he achieved in December 2022.

Tom is still supported by staff when he travels to unfamiliar places for the first time, but with staff guidance he will travel to a place close to the service and phone to update staff of his whereabouts. His next big step is to travel to new places by himself and his support staff are working with him he achieve this.

 Tom says: I chose to come at Choice Care because I wanted to have a better quality of life. I am having fun…that is what I am enjoying!

And we also have a quote from a member of Tom’s support staff: I find Tom to be a warm and considerate resident that will always ask colleagues how they are feeling. Tom is a team player and is always willing to participate in any new activities that we suggest to him.

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