The future of mental health services in England

Attended a Westminster Health Forum this week about the future of mental health services. A lot of ground was covered but the key strands were:

– a need to move from specialist care to community-based services

– recognition that there has been a huge increase in young people/ children presenting with psychosis

– more emphasis on preventative /early intervention especially for young people/ children including designated MH leads in schools and perinatal care

– ongoing need to reduce the stigma of mental health conditions (talk about needs rather than disorders)

– recognition that there is wide variation across the country on ability to access services

– need for more and better-trained MH staff

– additional government funding is a good thing but doesn’t always reach frontline services – more transparency needed

Some service users who attended the event stronly expressed their disappointment with current services and said the system had failed them. They called for a dramatic overhaul of the way services are provided and for users to be placed at the centre and their voices listened to.