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The PBS Approach at Choice Care

The PBS Approach at Choice Care

DATE: 02.04.2024

To celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week, we talked to some of the wonderful PBS team at Choice Care about adopting a person-centered approach for the people we support who have autism.  We talked to Naz, Elina, Dimitrios and Anna about the PBS approach and how the wellbeing and unique needs of each person we support are at the forefront of this approach. When it comes to supporting individuals with autism, the PBS team at Choice Care recognises the diversity within their residents and tailors support accordingly.

Meet the team

A person-centred approach for people with autism

Naz, PBS Practitioner says: ‘The diversity of the residents at Choice Care means that each individual with autism is different and requires a personalised approach’. Naz looks after four homes in the west region. Every week she visits her sites and ensures that all the Personal Behaviour Support Plans are up-to-date and that interventions are regularly reviewed.

Elina, PBS practitioner says: ‘Every resident is unique in how they process information and how autism affects them. We do not use a ‘one-size-fits-all approach here at Choice Care’s PBS team, it’s important to look at each resident individually to determine the most effective ways to support them.’ Elina goes on to say that it’s important to have an understanding of each resident's history and to know what has worked for them in the past.

Dimitrios is Clinical Lead for the West Region and plays a pivotal role in supervising the West PBS team at Choice Care and also gets involved in more complex cases. His guidance ensures that the staff are well-equipped to provide the best care possible to the residents.

Anna, PBS Lead, West Region says: ‘Choice Care adopts an all-encompassing approach to PBS, especially tailored for individuals with autism. Our PBS teams maintain a close relationship with the homes, providing reflective sessions with colleagues to support the residents in a person-centered manner.’

The PBS Approach in Action

Autism training sessions are run regularly across Choice Care. Recently, one of the homes engaged in a reflective practice to improve staff knowledge, ensuring that all team members were well-informed and competent in supporting individuals with autism.

A crucial component of the PBS approach at Choice Care is the development and implementation of PBS plans. These plans are tailored to each resident and encompass all interventions. Elina stresses the importance of understanding each behaviour and knowing how to respond both reactively and proactively. Some residents prefer to be left alone after incidents, and the staff are trained to respect these preferences.

The PBS plans also look into the medical history, family contact, and background history of each resident. This information ensures that the staff are fully aware of the residents' backgrounds, enabling them to provide the best possible support.

Feedback and Support from colleagues 

Naz mentions positive feedback from the staff regarding the structure and clarity of PBS plans. The plans are designed to be easy to read, guiding the staff on how to respond proactively and actively to various behaviours.

The PBS approach at Choice Care works really well and shows a commitment to providing tailored and person-centered support to individuals with autism. By focusing on the unique needs of each resident and providing comprehensive training and support to the staff, Choice Care ensures a supportive and nurturing environment where each resident can thrive.

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