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Supporting people with a diagnosis of personality disorder

Supporting people with a diagnosis of personality disorder

DATE: 17.08.2023

Dr Mark Smith says:

'We welcomed 22 colleagues from across our homes, including Support Workers, Seniors and a Registered Manager, where we studied the topic: "Trauma based approaches to supporting people with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

The aim of the session was to help staff have a better understanding of the needs of people who have received a diagnosis of personality disorder, moving away from thinking about “what is wrong” with the person to “what has happened to them”. Many people with this diagnosis have been exposed to invalidating environments, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences and what we see as “behaviours that challenge” may be the person’s way of coping with what they perceive as threat. Colleagues learned how best to provide an environment that is consistent, compassionate and safe for the individual.

During the day, we had some great discussions and participation. The group reflected on the needs of individuals in each home who have this diagnosis, and fed back that they were more aware of the impact that complex trauma can have on the person’s identity and current relationships.

The group benefited from reflecting on the personal impact of working with individuals with this diagnosis. All in all, a really successful day with a fantastic group of people who are committed to providing the best care possible to the people we support.’

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