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Support for National Apprentice Week

Support for National Apprentice Week

DATE: 08.02.2024

Today we are going to focus on the theme of ‘Support’ for National Apprentice week, so we’ll be looking at the kind of support you can expect if you choose to learn while you are at Choice Care.

Emma Hawke, Head of HR – Learning & Development at Choice Care says: As a top 100 Apprenticeship employer for 2 years running now, we are really keen for our people to learn while they are with us. It’s really important for us to assist our people with their first steps on the career ladder in the care sector.

A career in the care sector offers great progression opportunities and we’ve got lots of current and past apprentices who can testify to this.  Level 2, 3 and 5 qualifications are all qualifications that you can do while you are in your current role at Choice Care! All social care workers can enrol straight away in an Adult Care Worker level 2 or 3 qualification, and in a Lead Adult Care Qualification if they are more experienced.  Level 2 qualifications are equivalent to GCSEs, while Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to A levels.

We really support our learners at Choice Care – it’s very important to us and we work with our apprenticeship provider, Lifetime, to provide the best experience and outcomes.

So let’s find out about the support you can get while you are studying at Choice Care – as we talk to Cara at Lifetime Training.  

Cara, can you tell us about the support available for Choice Care apprentices from Lifetime? 
We have a duty of care for all our apprentices that they have the right levels of support for them as an individual when embarking on their learning journey. Our apprentices are provided with a dedicated coach to support them through their programme for face to face and remote visits. We provide additional resources such as Virtual classrooms and English and Maths Tutors to support them.

How do you find working with Choice Care apprentices?
We have built a strong relationship with Choice Care to enable us to work in partnership to support apprentices and those planning to embark on an apprenticeship. We are always looking for new ways of working to enable more colleagues to get the opportunity to enrol onto programmes with us. We have some fantastic systems which allow Choice Care full visibility of apprentices’ progression. The growth in the use of technology within apprenticeships - and especially at Lifetime - is giving us clear pathways in supporting learners on programme and allowing us to support digital skills across Choice Care too.

We also have a quick chat with Belle Thompson about the support she received when she was doing her apprenticeships. Belle has completed her level 2 and 3 qualifications (with distinction!): 

Belle says: I had an amazing trainer called Ann, she was extremely supportive and responsive. I completed Level 2 and 3 with Ann.  I met her very soon after starting my apprenticeship at Springfield. We had face-to-face meetings and communicated by phone, email, text etc. She was so supportive! However I’d reach out to her, she’d always respond. She really helped to make me feel confident – especially around my final exam – which I was rather nervous about! She supported me to do 6 mock exams together, which was so helpful and made me much less nervous. I was so impressed with the support I received.

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