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Success Story: Ocknell Park

Success Story: Ocknell Park

DATE: 08.06.2019

Following a protracted discharge process from hospital, Enoch moved into Ocknell Park, a large, 12-bedroom residential property in Hampshire, for adults with mental health disorders, learning disabilities and associated complex needs. Enoch was eager to move to a community placement and get on with planning his future.

“As soon as I moved into Ocknell Park, I felt more relaxed, less stressed and my mental health began to stabilise. After eleven years in hospital, it was a very good experience for me. The staff at Ocknell were fantastic and in a society that can be very uncaring, they were always kind and helpful. 

“My life before was very stressful, but that soon changed. I felt happier, I didn’t want to use alcohol or drugs and even gave up smoking.

“Overall, Choice is a very professional outfit”.

Enoch decorated his room very tastefully, and it became a reassuring and relaxing space for him to practice his many and varied interests, including holistic health, spiritualism and music. By creating an environment that encouraged a calm, measured outlook on life, and with the right levels of support, he was able to take better control of his future, including planning for his own tenancy.

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