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Sharon's Success Story

Sharon's Success Story

DATE: 19.02.2020

I first moved to Choice in January 2012. When I first came I was very ill and unwell, I wasn’t able to do a lot by myself and needed a lot of support. I couldn’t cope with life and simple tasks such as using a washing machine, cooking, cleaning and even going out in public. I was not eating properly and I was in and out of hospital, I was also self-harming a lot. Staff were giving medication as I could not be trusted with this due to taking an overdose in the past. I had massive anxiety and became upset a lot about simple things. I struggled to go out on my own and found it hard to trust people, I hardly left the house and spent most my days in bed, I have now lived here for 8 years.

But since Choice feel much better they have helped me with so much like learning how to use the washing machine and tumble dryer and dish washing independently.

Staff have helped me understand budgeting and built my confidence up with going out on my own. Now I do my own shopping and make my own shopping list without staff support. I also get it delivered at home so I am able to go home in time and pack it away and I do this all by myself.

I now cook for myself, This is something I was never able to do before. Choice have taught me to do so many things such as stir fry and stews and toad in the hole which I can now make when I live on my own.

I have even helped out making roast dinners every Sunday for everyone in the house for staff and service users equalling 12 people all together I felt very proud of myself.

Choice have taught me how to trust people again and make friends. In which I now have many friends out in the community and in the home. I have joined voluntary groups, knitting clubs, choir groups and library groups I also do choices got talent. This has helped me as I never liked crowds before it has built my confidence up and helped with my anxiety.

Staff have helped me with coping strategies on day to day life. They have built up my confidence a lot that I have been so many places whilst living at Choice like festivals, the zoo, fairs and lots of other day trips. I have even been managing to travel to Brighton to see my sister on my own and organising the train and busses independently.

I have learnt basic steps again like keeping my room clean and being independent doing my own medication. I even take my medication out with me independently and take them in the correct time. This is a massive step for me as I could not be trusted with medication on my own before.

I have even helped with raising money for charity by doing my knitting and also joined a knitting club in which I made several friends in Waterlooville. I made twiddle bags for people with dementia.

I would like to thank all the staff at Choice for their love and support. They have gave me complete confidence I didn’t want to live but now I do and feel I have a purpose in life. Traumatic events in my life affected me a lot and I would not have coped if wasn’t for Choice staff. I have quit smoking and drinking since Choice and this is all because of the Choice staff and their support. I feel I would not be where I am today if it was not for them. Thank you Choice for all my happy memories.

I am now ready to move on and live independently in Brighton where I originally come from. I feel I am ready for this next step in my life and looking forward to living in my new forever home.

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