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People lead happy lives at Caernewydd Farm - Care Inspectorate Wales report

People lead happy lives at Caernewydd Farm - Care Inspectorate Wales report

DATE: 13.07.2023

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) has recently published the  Regulated Services Inspection Report for Caernewydd Farm. Caernewydd Farm is part of Care Without Compromise (CWC) who joined Choice Care Group in March 2022.

You can read the full report here, and we wanted to share some of the wonderful comments about Caernewydd Farm:

 People lead happy lives at Caernewydd Farm. The staff team ensure people are invited to be fully involved in discussions about their care. Each person is encouraged to make daily choices in what they do.

About the team at Caernewydd Farm: Care workers know people well, interact in a kind and caring manner and provide appropriate support. Care records clearly describe how care workers are to meet people’s individual needs. The manager, together with his team, continually strives to develop people’s care and support wherever possible. Good communication channels are evident, with robust monitoring of the quality of support people receive. In addition, a relaxed atmosphere throughout the home helps people and visitors feel at ease. Care workers say they feel supported by the manager and receive regular individual supervision to discuss their work. There is a range of staff training available to help care workers support people safely and effectively.

About the people we support at Caernewydd Farm: People are relaxed, comfortable and know what opportunities are available to them. Care workers encourage and support people to make choices and decisions about how they spend their time and people do things that matter to them, either planned or impromptu. This includes working on the farm, lambing and taking care of other livestock. Care workers are familiar to people, giving them confidence their needs and preferences are understood.

The service is working towards providing an 'Active Offer' of the Welsh language and intends to become a bilingual service or demonstrates a significant effort to promoting the use of the Welsh language and culture.

Daryl Quarry, Director of Services, Wales at Choice Care says says: I couldn’t be prouder of the team at Caernewydd Farm. The team work together so well and as a result the People We Support receive outstanding care and support as identified throughout the CIW report. Well done all!

Lee Bates, Manager, Caernewydd Farm says: I am so proud of the team here – the staff are great and all work really hard in their roles.

Mark Luce, Regional Director at Choice Care: Everyone has worked immensely hard to achieve this outcome. It is clear to see from the Inspection report that the team at Caernewydd Farm all do a wonderful job and the people they support are happy and in safe hands. I’d like to thank you so much for all your work and efforts, it is recognised and is very much appreciated.

Valerie Michie, Choice Care CEO says: I am so very proud to be a colleague of the Caernewydd Farm team. Well done to you all.

Huge congratulations to the team!  

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