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Meet the team – Choice Care Apprentices

Meet the team – Choice Care Apprentices

DATE: 06.02.2024

We talk to Training Manager Belle, who joined Choice Care Group in 2019, at Springfield House as a care worker. She has since completed level 2 and level 3 NVQs!

Why did you enrol on an apprenticeship at Choice Care? 
My manager recommended and prompted me to do both levels and provided lots of support.

Can you tell us about your apprenticeships?
I have completed level 2 and level 3 NVQs.

How have you found the experience?
I enjoyed my experience gaining my qualifications. I was extremely grateful to have an amazing tutor (Anne Morgan) She made my experience easier and helped me feel supported and confident for both levels.

How does your apprenticeship work on a day to day basis? (i.e. do you have time to study? What support are you given?)
Anne would give me a timeframe to complete some assignments and then we would meet/call and go over my work and make any adjustments if necessary. We would also do face-to-face sessions where Anne would observe me in the workplace. For example, she would observe me making an individual's breakfast and ensure I was offering them different options, supporting them correctly when eating and working with person centred care at all times. I felt extremely supported - if I ever needed any help or was stuck, I would ring/text Anne and she would respond quickly. My manager was also very supportive and allowed me to complete coursework when I needed to.

Do you think the apprenticeship is helping you on your career pathway?
 Yes 100%. In 2019 I started working at Springfield as an apprenticeship where I gained my level 2. In 2021/2022 I signed up to do my level 3 and then became a team leader. Last year I became a Training Manager for the West Region. I love this role, I’m very passionate about it and love tackling a challenging opportunity. I am also planning to become a trainer soon to help me gain experience and develop my career further. I am grateful for the qualifications that I have gained as they have helped me progress to the position I am in now.

What are your aspirations for the future?
Eventually, I would like to become a nurse and having my level 2/3 is very beneficial in helping me get closer to this role.

Would you encourage other colleagues to become a Choice Care apprentice?
 Absolutely. If you are working In care I think its super beneficial and important to have/gain these qualifications as it can really benefit not only you, but the individuals you work with. It teaches you to provide the best possible care.  I am just extremely grateful for my qualifications and the support I received. I cannot recommend it enough!

What did you do before you joined Choice Care?
I worked with disabled children.

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