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Mark’s Success Story

Mark’s Success Story

DATE: 16.08.2022

After Mark have moved into Holly Lodge 2 years ago, he has been supported to have regular phone calls with his dad to rebuild their relationship. Mark’s dad told Holly Lodge that he would like to see Mark in person, as he hasn’t done in the last 3-4 years. The team took Mark to Portland for a day visit with his dad. Everything went perfectly so Mark has now met his dad regularly, once a month for the last 3-4 months. Mark has been getting used to the new surroundings and also enjoying the time with his father.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark’s dad told Holly Lodge that he would like to have Mark over the weekend so they can do some activities together, like they used to do. The team at Holly Lodge put a risk assessment in place, discussed with Mark’s dad all the things he needs to do in case of emergency, explaining how to administer medication. The Holly Lodge team successfully dropped Mark off last Friday and picked him up on Sunday.

Mark’s dad was extremely happy and grateful that after 6 years Mark was able to spend the weekend with him again. Everything went smoothly and they both had such a great time. Holly Lodge are planning for Mark to go again for a weekend in October. After that, if everything goes well, he will spend the first Christmas at home with his family in 6 years.

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