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Jenny's story

Jenny's story

DATE: 05.06.2024

Meet Jenny...

Jenny enjoys listening to and playing music, going outside to visit local animal farms and the park to feed the ducks and - of course - the occasional holiday!

Jenny moved into a Choice Care Supported Living Service, located in the East Midlands, in March 2024.

Jenny previously lived at her parents' home with regular support from a local respite provider. Following Jenny’s goal of living more independently, her family and Social Worker, worked with Choice Care to provide her with a home of her own.

The transition process

Jenny’s transition process was led by the Supported Living Services team at Choice Care. The team worked alongside Jenny’s immediate relatives, our independent Positive Behavioural Support team and staff at Jenny’s previous respite placement, to ensure we were able to support Jenny to live the life she wanted to lead through a person-centered care plan.

Following the transition process, Jenny’s Mum said:

“I felt that the transition went very well. We were involved at all stages – from first being offered the property, during its change from an old classroom to an apartment and right through to moving day. We were able to be there whenever we needed, to arrange furniture and unpack etc. Jenny was also able to be involved fully which helped her to become familiar with her new environment and feel relaxed about the process. We did feel supported, thank you.

Our questions and concerns were addressed promptly, and we were offered sufficient time to pass on information and experiences which we felt could be useful to Jenny’s support team to get to know Jenny before moving in.”

How will we be supporting Jenny moving forward? 

At Choice Care, we provide tailored care and specialist support for every person we support, empowering them to lead safe, purposeful and happy lives and, where possible, to achieve positive outcomes.

For Jenny, this support includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • Managing finances
  • Medication
  • Implementing strategies to reduce Jenny’s anxiety levels around certain situations.

Jenny’s daily support encourages her to increase her independence and is in alignment with her individual PBS plan. The plan ensures consistency and structure to proactively ease Jenny’s anxiety by offering reassurance and re-direction.

How has Choice Care’s support changed family life?

“Jenny has settled in much more quickly than we could have hoped for, and we can take a step away now. I have had my ‘load’ significantly reduced, yet I am still welcome to visit Jenny freely and am always available to act in a supportive, advisory role if it is useful to the Choice Care team for me to do so!”

Advice to other relatives going through the transition process

We asked Jenny’s Mum about the advice she’d give to others in her position: “Share all concerns with the support team throughout the process. Finding people that you can trust is vital for your own, as well as your relative’s welfare and you can only build that trust by being interactive and discussing your hopes, fears and dreams.”

Jenny’s goals for the future…

Since settling into life with Choice Care, we spoke to Jenny about her future goals. Jenny, with the support of her care team, would like to increase the number of activities she takes part in, and become more independent whilst living in her own apartment. She would also like to visit the theatre and return to Malta on holiday!

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