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Its Celebration Friday!

Its Celebration Friday!

DATE: 09.02.2024

As we come to the close of National Apprentice week 2024, today’s theme is Celebration Friday!

We’ve had a fantastic week celebrating all our wonderful apprentices across Choice Care, finding out more about the people who are learning with us and hearing all about their experiences of apprenticeships here.  

But it’s not just this week that we celebrate our learners, we’ve also been celebrating throughout the year, including recognising our learners at the annual Choice Care Awards!

In November, we held our annual regional awards at Choice Care, where we celebrated everyone who had completed their learning experience that year and also celebrated exceptional learners with the category Outstanding Apprentice.

Our Outstanding Apprentice winners were:

East Region: Samantha 

West Region Jamilia 

South Region Deborah 

HUGE Congratulations to these wonderful winners and let’s have a look at why they won:

Deborah, South Region Outstanding Apprentice
Deborah joined us earlier this year at 16 years old, brand new to working in health and social care and has grown to be an outstanding member of our team. She has fully embraced the role and her progression both within her role and her apprenticeship has been amazing. Deborah is keen to learn, always happy to help and a hugely valued member of our team. 

Jamelia, West Region  Outstanding Apprentice
Jamelia has spent from 2021 until July 2023 completing her apprenticeship with Choice Care. She has overcome so many obstacles on the journey and we are all so proud of our Jamelia and she deserves every bit of recognition for how happy she makes us all and how proud we all are that she’s completed her apprenticeship.

 Samantha, East Region Outstanding Apprentice
Sammy has worked especially hard to complete her apprenticeship since returning to the home. She has worked closely with one resident to empower him to become more independent and also worked with another resident using intensive interaction and including him in new fun activities; spending time with him in his room, if that was a place he wanted to be. She always talks to the residents in a person-centred way on a level they understand. She has gained the position of shift leader and is always creating new ideas that really benefit our residents. Sammy is a good care worker and deserves this award.

Our apprentices received special recognition at the awards too, so a huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who completed their qualifications in 2023
We also want to celebrate all our current learners – of which there are over 120! We have been out and about this week dropping in to see them and finding out about their learning and sharing some celebratory chocolates!

Thank you so much for all the stories you’ve shared this week – it’s been fascinating finding out more about your learning and finding out about your hints and tips!

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the stories we’ve shared this week. If you are thinking about developing your learning and moving towards taking a qualification, and you are not with Choice Care already - you might want to think about joining us

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