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It’s time for another ‘Diverse Disco’ at the Tree Nightclub in Swindon!

It’s time for another ‘Diverse Disco’ at the Tree Nightclub in Swindon!

DATE: 19.09.2023

We reported on the first fabulous Diverse Disco at the Tree nightclub held in May this year, where people we support across Choice Care had a fantastic time. 

One of our amazing managers from the Swindon region has been running a group which holds accessible and inclusive events aimed at people with disabilities. Their regular ‘Diverse Disco’ is held on Tuesday evenings at a community centre and attended by a lot of Choice Care homes in the Swindon area.

 One person says: The night club is so good - they make it really fun and enjoyable, because they interact with everyone and make everyone feel welcome. They have done an amazing job with it all because you can see they want to make a difference and they want people having fun and having a nice night.

 If you would like to go along - you can take a look at the Diverse Disco Facebook page here or find out more and or book a place here: Diverse Disco

 Katie, who set up the disco, said: The disco is open to anyone 16+ with disabilities – tickets are £6 and carers go free! We so enjoyed the last disco, and we’re really looking forward to this one!

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