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International colleagues

International colleagues

DATE: 30.06.2023

We are very excited to welcome new international colleagues who have been recruited through Visa sponsorship! Our new colleagues are working at services across Choice Care.

We spoke to some of our new colleagues, one said:  ‘My experience  has been great.  My journey was well organised, with the relocation team settling us and assisting us to open bank accounts and see us through our route to work. At work everyone is treated equally, with respect of each other’s interests, working together to provide the quality care, we are here to support our service users live the best life they can. I do admit there is a lot to learn, but with all the training we are getting, I will surely be fully equipped in no time. Looking forward to learning more and growing to achieve great outcomes.’

Another colleague said: ‘I arrived in the UK in May. I had a warm welcome from the workforce team  who took me to my accommodation. It has been a lovely learning experience ever since I arrived and I'm enjoying every moment. I received a warm welcome from Choice Care as well, where I was fully inducted and shadowed so as to gain experience in working with the service users. It is such a good working and learning environment.’

Mark Luce, Regional Director says: ’We are so excited to welcome our new colleagues to Choice Care and wish them all the very best! We are looking forward to meeting them and working with them and we are sure that everyone will do their best to make them feel welcome.’

We will be catching up with our new colleagues over the coming months, but in the meantime, we’d like to welcome you all to Choice Care and hope you settle in well!

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