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Intensive Interaction at Sennen Lodge

Intensive Interaction at Sennen Lodge

DATE: 02.12.2019

Sennen Lodge, a large detached home that supports eight adults with Autistic Spectrum Condition in Eastleigh, Hampshire, was one of the first of our residential services to adopt Intensive Interaction. The approach has been a positive experience for all those at the home. Since introducing Intensive Interaction, we have found that the people we support have become considerably more sociable and will interact much more positively with staff.

Intensive Interaction has been especially successful for one person in particular. He is a very complex young man who suffers from anxiety, and when anxious will start to bite his right index finger, to the point where the finger becomes very swollen and sore.

During one of these incidents, a member of staff offered him an alternative object and demonstrated how he could use this, instead of his finger, when anxious, employing the principles of Intensive Interaction. The intervention worked extremely well and the young man started to bite the object rather than his finger.

Although he will still bite his finger on occasion, the young man now actively seeks out this new object to use instead. This is a huge improvement, and shows how important Intensive Interaction has and continues to be for him.

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