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Good food, noisy TVs, busy staff: my stay in a care home

Good food, noisy TVs, busy staff: my stay in a care home

DATE: 28.03.2019

Sara Livadeas was recently appointed Chief Executive of The Fremantle Trust, a charity providing social care for older and disabled people. Being new to the role, she decided to spend a weekend living at a care home to gain a first-hand insight into life in care from the perspective of the service users.

Sara said “I wanted to absorb the atmosphere, meet people, eat the food, try out the equipment and observe. My aim was to show others, including colleagues, that if our care was good enough for the residents, it was good enough for me. I expected to see caring interactions, but also thought I might see practices that would concern me. I wanted to learn how it feels to receive our care and find out if I could do anything to improve it.”

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