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We Can Only Solve The Social Care Crisis By Working Across Party Lines

DATE: 07.10.2019

Lib Dem MP Vince Cable writes about the need for cross-party unity in order to solve the seemingly endless social care crisis.

No job for a young man? Social care career myths busted

DATE: 01.10.2019

Misconceptions can make it difficult to recruit new entrants in a sector with 110,000 vacancies

Having A Good Relationship Is Everything

DATE: 16.09.2019

It's important to understand and respect the sexual needs and sexual health of the people we care for.

Leaders debate CCTV use in care homes

DATE: 19.07.2019

Few topics in social care are more emotive. CHP takes a look at the arguments on both sides of the debate.

Choice Care Group - response to Panorama broadcast on 22 May 2019

DATE: 23.05.2019

We were appalled to see the bullying and abuse shown at Cygnet Health Care's Whorlton Hall Hospital.

Changes to NHS England's commissioning powers

DATE: 13.05.2019

The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group expresses concern over giving NHS England responsibilty for care commissioning at long-stay hospitals.

Good food, noisy TVs, busy staff: my stay in a care home

DATE: 28.03.2019

Chief Executive of The Fremantle Trust spends a weekend living at a care home to gain first-hand insight.

Autism: Nine tips to help parents and children

DATE: 01.03.2019

An expert and a parent offer their tips for how to help you and your child

Supported Living - What is Happening?

DATE: 20.03.2018

BBC Radio 4 programme raised valuable points about the benefits of supported living.

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