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Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

DATE: 19.03.2024

In celebration of our wonderful employees and Employee Appreciation Day, we held a competition on our company platform, ChoiceHub. Our teams across the country were encouraged to nominate colleagues who they felt went above and beyond at Choice Care. With over 100 nominations our panel of judges were tasked with a difficult decision, but we’re pleased to officially announce our winners…

Brenda | Emerson House

Recognised for her consistent dedication and outstanding service. Brenda was described as someone who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of residents. She is selfless, hard-working and professional, even in challenging situations.

Haydn | Hazeldene

Celebrated for his leadership and support for his team. As a Supervisor, Haydn is known for nurturing his staff and supporting them to excel in their roles, both professionally and personally. Haydn is an invaluable asset to the Hazeldene team. 

Julian | Nant Leiros 

Acknowledged for his exceptional work ethic and dedication, Julian was described as someone who consistently ensures the welfare of the people we support, whether it be organising day trips or staying later to support planned activities. His commitment to the role, mentorship of new team members and willingness to go the extra mile, makes him an indispensable colleague at Nant Leiros.

Congratulations to our winners and all our colleagues who had been nominated! 

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