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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Coronavirus - COVID-19

DATE: 16.06.2020

The safety and welfare of the people that Choice Care supports, and our colleagues who are doing that important work, remains our number one priority during these difficult times. 

We continue to follow government advice and to keep services and staff updated with advice and instructions. Please see the latest update about how we are managing this situation:

Visiting during Lockdown November 2020

Visiting Update October 2020

Visiting Update July Covid 19

We know that good communication is critical for all families and relatives so we have a new email address which you can use to raise any questions, suggestions or concerns relating to the situation: ChoiceCareContingency@choicecaregroup.com

Also, if you are a relative or family member of one of the people we support and haven't been receiving email updates directly from us, please send your email address to: ChoiceCareContingency@choicecaregroup.com  and we will add you to our database.

We are also fully committed to managing the health and safety of all our frontline care colleagues. The letter below outlines the measures we are taking to ensure they stay safe and protected:

Keeping Our People Safe.pdf

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