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Choice Care Anniversay

DATE: 03.01.2023

2022 marked Choice Care’s 30th Anniversary!  Since 1992, Choice Care has supported so many different people and - while our name and branding might have changed over the years - one thing that has never changed is our unerring dedication to providing the best possible support, quality of life, and personal development for each individual in our care.

We’ve seen people grow, learn and change, we’ve had talent competitions, new home openings, football tournaments, changes of offices, and not to forget the many, many parties. Most recently we’ve welcome new faces to the Choice Care family, including Care Without Compromise, Witham Valley Care, Quality Care and Inspiration Care.

As we continue our commitment to provide outstanding care for people with learning disabilities, mental health conditions, and complex needs, we hope that all our families, friends and colleagues will continue to stay and support us too, on the next part of this journey. Here’s to thirty more!

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