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Blue Apple Theatre

Blue Apple Theatre

DATE: 29.06.2023

One of the people we support at Cambria House is a member of a drama club, run by the Blue Apple Theatre. He is taking part in a production of Animal Farm, which will take place at the Theatre Royal in Winchester on 13th and 14th July.

He joined the Blue Apple Theatre 7 years ago and has been going there regularly ever since, each time with a big smile on his face! He is very happy whenever the coordinator gives him a new script and he will read it all day to staff. Sometimes he pretends he is on the stage in the lounge at Cambria House and the staff are the audience. He is really looking forward to the performance and said:  ‘Today was amazing! I am so happy!’

Cambria House will attend this show for sure and the details are here – if you’d like to attend!

Blue Apple supports people who have a learning disability to take part in performing arts skills sessions and public performances. Taking part in such activities is often not open to people with learning disabilities – there are simply not enough options available to them which means they can feel excluded and socially isolated. Through producing high quality theatre, singing, dance and film Blue Apple aims to challenge prejudice and transform the lives of people with a learning disability.

 Blue Apple is committed to the development of integrated and progressive opportunities within the arts for people with learning disabilities to raise the ceiling of expectation and advocate for the development of a more inclusive, accessible and equal society. The increase in confidence gained through stage performances has helped Blue Apple participants to enhance their social, personal and artistic skills and achieve public recognition for their talents.

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