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Apprenticeship Week - our colleagues tell us their own stories

Apprenticeship Week - our colleagues tell us their own stories

DATE: 08.02.2024

We talk to Amy, Acting Home Manager at Nant Leiros (Deputy Manager) who joined Care Without Compromise (CWC) in January 2021.

Can you tell us about your apprenticeship at CWC?
I am currently completing level 4/5. Once I have finished, I hope to become a registered  manager of my own home.

Why did you decide to enrol for a QCF at CWC?
I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills for my role.

How have you found the experience?
Personally, I feel I have gained more confidence, and have the skills and knowledge to complete my role and provide a high level of care to all the residents.

How does your QCF work on a day to day basis?
My QCF assessor is always on hand to offer support when needed. I mostly complete my work at home  when I have spare time. The management team at CWC are always willing to accommodate to help me balance my daily duties around my studies.

Do you think the QCF is helping you on your career pathway?
Yes – it has provided me with knowledge and understanding across a range of vital areas to be able to complete my role to the best of my ability. Completing the QCF is a positive for all staff, providing them with knowledge and tools to complete the role to a high standard. I would recommend the qualification to all staff who join the team.

What are your aspirations for the future having studied QCF?
I am hoping to use my QCF qualification to help me progress within CWC and achieve my goal of becoming a home manager.

Would you encourage other colleagues to study for QCF? 
Yes– the QCF provides staff with information that is needed to provide an excellent level of care on a daily basis.

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