Our Support Model

Creating a place where people thrive

‘Thrive at Choice’ is our model of support to enable a positive experience for people to lead the lives they want to live.

The model is made up of the 6 pillars below. This is built from published research* about what matters to people who draw on social care, as well as input from those we support and our own expertise.

The Model provides a comprehensive framework soundly based on the views and experience of the people receiving support as well as those delivering care. Each of the pillars is explored in more detail on the following pages. While we already provide support consistent with most of the points noted in the pillars, we are now articulating them in a more structured way and ensuring we have the processes and procedures in place to ensure their effective delivery.

Choice Care provides specialist care and support for people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and associated complex needs. We support everyone in our care to live safe, happy, meaningful and fulfilled lives, regardless of their challenges.

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