Vision and Objectives


Our purpose is to enable people to lead the lives they want to live. Our vision is to be a place where people thrive; the people we support and our colleagues.

To ensure we are doing this, we have adopted a framework based on feedback from people who draw on social care. The framework adapts the closely related work of Social Care Future and Learning Disability England’s Good Lives Framework. People who draw on care have identified 6 key pillars that are most important to them. We use this as our framework to make choices about what sort of support we provide and how we provide it, engaging with individuals and each other to ensure that Choice Care really is a place where people thrive. Choice’s model ensures that we are delivering what people who rely on our support really want – we enable individuals to meet their aspirations and goals, gain independence and empowerment in their lives.

What is important to individuals? What does this mean for Choice Care support?

1. Communities where everyone belongsEnabling the people we support, our colleagues and our services to have meaningful roles in our local communities including through training, volunteering and employment

2. Living in the place we call homeEnsuring that our services are people's real homes with the choices, respect, independence and privacy (where appropriate) that comes with that

3. Leading the lives we want to liveSupporting people to make their own choices about how they spend their time, ensuring activities are planned with and for those we support; following passions, ambitions and interests

4. Understanding and being understoodListening and communicating in a way that works and gets to the heart of what matters; supporting access to digital technologies

5. Surrounded by people we trustEnsuring relationships are developed and maintained with stable and values-led teams of colleagues; supporting relationships outside our services

6. Sharing power as equalsEnsuring there is a voice and contribution from the people we support in shaping how we work together; standards and approaches are led by those who draw on support and their families

The 6 key pillars of what is most important to people who draw on social care: Choice Care’s model*
*Adapted from: ‘Whose social care is it anyway?’ #SocialCareFuture & LD England’s Good Lives framework

Choice Care Objectives

Creating a place where people thrive

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