Boxgrove Annex

Boxgrove AnnexFor some time now, we have been approaching commissioners and care management teams to discuss ways in which we can develop person-centred services for individuals with highly complex needs who may require a bespoke living environment. Recognising that we have the skills, experience and clinical infrastructure to manage complex behavioural needs, we have been keen to develop creative solutions to accommodation requirements.

The success of literally building a service around a person’s needs has been highlighted at Boxgrove – just one of our annex-style properties providing an individualised and creative solution to those people with highly complex needs. In this particular case, the service user had been finding it increasingly difficult to live within the group setting at his previous home and looked likely to be heading for a placement breakdown and most likely back into hospital. Now, three months after moving in, the outcome could not be more positive and the individual is not only clearly very happy but is also regaining some of the skills he had lost over recent years.

All of our annexes are carefully designed to provide proactive solutions to managing some of the behavioural and risk issues presented by the people we support. This includes considering the wide variety of specialist equipment and assistive technology available so as to promote independence and, where possible, reduce dependency on staff, thus helping to ensure that the care package is as cost-effective as possible – crucial in today’s financial climate.

All areas are wheelchair accessible, with a wide corridor, toughened walls and full hoist equipment in the en-suite bathroom.  The service user is encouraged to interact and gain independence within his environment by the use of switches and sensory-based equipment.

The garden is fully wheelchair accessible and is continuing to be landscaped with a covered area provided, accessed from his lounge, as this particular individual is never happier than when in the garden!