Quality Assurance 2018

2018 Quality Assurance Review for Choice Care Group

To get the views of the people who live or are involved in our services (both residential and supported living) we carry out an annual survey. Questionnaires are sent to the people we support, their relatives, staff working for Choice Care Group and care professionals. People we support are invited to complete the questionnaire in a format that is suitable for them; of those who complete it some do this on their own and others are supported by staff.

This time we followed a new format, with a focus on:

  • how well the aims and objectives of the organisation are met
  • how well service users are supported
  • how staff work together and how well trained they are
  •  what the atmosphere is like in the service and how staff find working for the organisation.

The responses had many really positive comments about the staff, the care and support they provide and the overall quality of the organisation as being really excellent.

Areas for improvement have been identified for each individual service.  Key themes and areas for improvement that the organisation is focussing on as a whole are detailed below.

Areas that received  very positive responses:

  • Staff are kind and respectful.
  • Staff treat people we support with dignity and respect, they know and follow the company rules.
  • People we support feel staff listen to them.
  • There are positive relationships between staff and people.
  • Relatives feel staff enjoy helping the people we support.
  • Staff are trustworthy and reliable.
  • Staff are professional, responsive and committed to their work.
  • Staff are good at remaining calm under pressure, and confident with dealing with challenging incidents.
  • People are safe and happy with their life in the service.
  • People are happy with their support and have good person-centred outcomes.
  • There is a good choice of food.
  • There is a good atmosphere in the services.
  • Staff are welcoming, kind and respectful towards people’s relatives.
  • Staff communicate well with each other and contribute in staff meetings.
  • Relatives feel the services are well managed.
  • Choice Care Group as a whole is well thought of and staff have a positive impact on service users.
  • Staff have a positive impact on the people we support.
  • Care professionals feel supported by staff.
  • Services are innovative.

Areas identified we are working to improve:

  • Improvements could be made around ensuring we follow through with agreed actions by the time we say we will. We are asking the services to improve in this area.
  • On the whole, staff teams work well; some improvements that can be made in some services to make team working more effective. We are working with Managers on this.
  • We want to increase the opportunities for asking people’s relatives if they are happy with the support being provided; we are going to include this at the annual review.
  • We monitor the atmosphere in the services; we want to increase opportunities for feedback from visitors so we will introduce visitors’ feedback forms.
  • Each person’s care plan details how often and how they are supported to stay in touch with their family; we need to ensure this happens and will monitor this area.
  • Services will look at what information staff need to communicate with relatives and care professionals, how this works in practice and where improvements can be made.
  • We have introduced a new staff training system in the last year and will review how effective this is compared to the previous system.
  • We need to improve staff retention and will continue to work to fill staff vacancies and do what we can to make a career in care and in Choice Care Group more attractive.
  • Good outcomes are happening but, in some services, they should provide better evidence of this.

Comparison between 2018 and 2017
The positive themes this year were also positive in last year’s Quality Assurance.

Training and staff retention were mentioned in last year’s report; we have changed our training provider in the last year and continue to work on staff retention. Too much paperwork featured highly last year and we have since introduced a new care planning system which has helped to reduce paperwork. This year there was one comment about there being too much paperwork.

All services complete their own individual development plans specific to the points raised in their own questionnaires. We will be working on the key areas we have identified throughout this year.