Planning and Designing Environments to meet specific needs

When designing new services, a key priority at Choice is to meet the specific needs of the people who will live there.

There are many factors we take into account when considering how to provide the right environment for our service users – as well as providing a setting that is fit for purpose, we are also very aware that this is often their main residence. So the property needs to be welcoming, comfortable, well-equipped, furnished to modern standards and provide a setting where each individual feel settled and at ease.

To give a brief overview, here are some of the key points we look at:

  • location of the property
  • internal and external space
  • scope for plenty and varied communal space including quiet areas for people to use when they need some time away from others
  • safety devices such as window restrictors, electronic access to external entrances and area of increased risk, such as the kitchen
  • homes that are decorated in modern, calming colours and furnished with robust but comfortable fixtures, fittings and furniture
  • ensuring each individual’s bedroom is designed around their own very specific likes and needs
  • including the use of assistive and the latest mainstream technology
  • involving Occupational Therapists and other professional colleagues about the use of specialist aids and equipment

Read how we designed annexes for two of the people we support:  Annexes