Outcome measurement tools

Recovery Star

At Choice we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our care and rehabilitation services.

As part of this process, we introduced the Recovery Star, an outcomes-based measurement tool recognised by the Department of Health and mandated by the department’s Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payment framework. This tool is used in to our mental health services and we are extending it to our learning disability services as soon as this version has been finalised.

Using Recovery Star we are able to support service users – and enable them to measure their own recovery – by charting progress in ten areas including management of their mental health, living skills, relationships, work and identity and self-esteem.

Service users set their own goals within each area and are able to see clear evidence of their progress over time. Their involvement in the process helps to reinforce motivation, enhance their skills and confidence and assists them in identifying new goals, and the support needed to achieve these with the ultimate aim of moving on to more independent living.

For commissioners, Recovery Star also demonstrates that key care objectives are being met and that outcomes are being delivered.

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HoNOS (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales)

HoNOS (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales) and HoNOS-LD (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales – Learning Disability), are outcome measures developed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the Department of Health. They were designed to provide a measure of the health and functioning (social and behavioural) for those with severe mental illness, and Learning disability and mental health needs respectively. The use of the HoNOS is recommended by the English National Service Framework for Mental Health and the Department of Health for reliable outcomes, in relation to meeting the Health of the Nation target – ‘to improve significantly the health and social functioning of mentally ill people’, and is used by the majority of the NHS trusts.

They are brief outcome measures that monitor ‘change’ (or lack of it) in an individual’s mental health status. There are 12 items on the mental health HoNOS measuring behaviour, impairment, symptoms, social functioning, etc., and 18 items on the HoNOS-LD, including; behaviour, general functioning, mental well-being, sleep, etc. These outcome measures can be reported on in reviews, so that change can be celebrated, or ‘lack of change’ can be identified and action plans created to support these actions in the future. Currently the HoNOS outcome measures offer CCG a comprehensive method to record positive change and develop support plans.