Intensive Interaction conference report

Our Intensive Interaction (II) conference on 10 October 2012 was a success on many levels, but most importantly that:

  • Choice Care Group established to all involved its level of commitment to the care of service users
  • delegates were enthused and inspired about the way Intensive Interaction can contribute to their work with individuals with communication difficulties within their care.

The first presentation outlined the benefits of using Intensive Interaction and explained how it is being introduced as a core philosophy at Choice.

Their presentation included the Intensive Interaction video trailer which encourage staff to include II in their daily work.  They also explored the benefits for both staff and service users that have been observed since introducing II as an approach.

Our other speakers were Miranda-Jane McCormick (Associate of the Intensive Interaction Institute, and Intensive Interaction co-ordinator, freelance trainer and consultant in learning disabilities) and Jules McKim (Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator, Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (Ridgeway Partnership).

Their presentations underlined how essential the use of II is within communication and relationship building with our service users and demonstrated how we can rethink our issues with engaging in such a process, while ensuring that all are safe.

They also reminded us of the importance of “being human with one another”, “having fun moments with another person” and “respecting someone’s developmental level” and identifying how II can play a part in developing these experiences.

The aim of our afternoon workshops was to gain a variety of ideas from everyone involved about how we can go forward with II, ensuring that it becomes part of daily life for service users, how to overcome our barriers, how do we know we’re “doing it right” and how important silence can be.

Our discussions and experiential learning ensured that we recognised our achievements to date, but also helped us develop our action plan for going forward with II as an approach.

  • Our Intensive Interaction conference was filmed and is available on DVD. If you would like a copy, please contact Angela Hallett on 0203 195 0151, by email or complete our online form.

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