Positive behaviour support


The Team

Positive behaviour support is fully integrated into the Choice Care Group ethos. We have our own Positive Behaviour Support Team who are based at our central and regional offices. Each of our operational regions has its own dedicated Positive Behaviour Support Team. They work with our residential services, monitoring the behavioural, emotional and psychological needs of our service users. This allows them to assess and intervene rapidly with individual guidance designed to help staff respond in the best way to improve quality of life, reduce distress and ensure the service user has the support that best meets their needs.


Managing challenging behaviour
Choice supports a large number of service users, each an individual with their own complex needs. Many arrive with a history of behaviour which has challenged previous services. The team offer a flexible and person-centred approach to reduce challenging behaviour and self-injury which can be distressing for all concerned. A multi-model approach is used, with a solid foundation of experience in these areas. We focus on understanding the reasons why someone may be behaving as they are, altering the situation if necessary and encouraging more appropriate methods of communication.  We believe the communication skills of service users, social care workers and the Positive Behaviour Support Team are critical and this is where we focus.

Promoting emotional and psychological well-being
The Positive Behaviour Support Team also gets involved in preventative work aimed at promoting service users’ quality of life and further reducing inappropriate or difficult behaviour. One-to-one therapeutic input is offered to individual service users where appropriate, and groups are run for service users to educate and promote emotional and psychological well-being.

Where appropriate, the Positive Behaviour Support Team will liaise with other health professionals within the local Community Learning Disability teams or Community Mental Health teams. This may involve making referrals to and working alongside, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy or nursing.

Staff training
We recognise that within our homes social care workers play a crucial role in maintaining everyday positive interaction with service users and that their responses at time of crisis can be invaluable. The Positive Behaviour Support Team provides training to staff in areas such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Mental Health, Positive Behavioural Support, Intensive Interaction and Sexuality.  Staff training is also tailored where an individual need is identified.