Quality Assurance Supported Living

This is a summary of the outcome of our 2014 Quality Assurance review for our supported living service (previously called Excel Support Services. Completed questionnaires were collated into final reports and development plans produced to identify areas that needed to be worked on over the coming year.

Of the questionnaires sent out, we received responses from 49% of people we support, 11% of next of kin, 22% of staff and 5% of care managers.

The graphs give an overview of what the organisation does well at and those areas where further work could be done to improve.

What we do well:

  • People feel listened to and can talk to staff.
  • People are supported to be as independent as they can.
  • People are happy with their food and are involved in going food shopping.
  • Activities are really enjoyed and individuals can go out when they want to.
  • Most people are happy with their holidays.
  • Staff support people to keep their home clean.
  • People are aware of who to complain to, and have complained when they needed to.
  • People were happy with their review and have goals that they are working towards.
  • People are involved in choosing staff.
  • Staff look after people when they are ill.
  • Staff are supportive of the people we support.
  • Relatives and care managers feel welcome when they visit and their thoughts and wishes are listened to.
  • Individuals’ rights are upheld and they are supported to maintain relationships outside of the home.
  • A positive change has been seen in many people we support in the last year.
  • Training for staff is good.
  • The recruitment process was generally good, and staff were inducted well into their roles.
  • The people we support are generally happy in their home.
  • Health care needs are met well.
  • Relatives and care managers are informed about significant events.
  • Cultural needs are met well.

How we can improve:

  • Individuals would like to be more involved in recruitment and choosing staff.
  • Health needs could sometimes be better met.
  • Some relatives would like to be kept better informed.
  • More activities could be welcome, particularly more outdoor activities.
  • People would like there to be lower staff turnover.
  • Staff supervision could be improved.

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