Quality Assurance 2016

2016 Quality Assurance Review for Choice Care Group

To get the views of the people who live or are involved in our services (including both residential and supported living services) we carry out an annual survey. Questionnaires are sent to the people we support, their relatives, staff working for Choice Care Group and the care managers of the people we support.

The questions this year covered:

  • CQC’s 5 Questions
  • Choice Care Group’s 5 Core Values
  • The 5 areas of the Driving up Quality Code


The findings are summarised in the graphs below:


























This is a summary of some the main areas where people said we do particularly well and also the areas where we need to improve (which we will be working on over the coming year).

Areas we do particularly well:

  • Staff are kind, respectful and caring
  • People are very pleased with the support they get and have a good quality of life
  • People are safe
  • People are supported to maintain contact with their families
  • Staff Training is very good
  • Staff really enjoy working with the people we support
  • A high standard of care is provided

Areas we could improve and will be working on over the coming year:

  • Some people would like to see family and friends more. We will look at ways we can improve this.
  • Training could sometimes be provided sooner. Our training department will review the training programme.
  • Communication could improve further. We will do more work around this within the services to make it more effective.
  • Reduce turnover of staff. We will be doing more work around our Valuing Staff Strategy.
  • Where there are limited drivers we should ensure this does not impact on the service provided.
  • Recruit to staff vacancies. We have been working hard on this and will continue to do so to fill vacancies.
  • Some staff would like more contact with senior management when they visit. We will ensure opportunities for this to happen.

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