Argyll House

A young man moved into Argyll House in March 2010 who had had particularly difficult placements in the past.

On arriving at Argyll House, he was extremely distrusting of staff, not allowing them to touch him or even get too close. He spent a lot of time engaging in self-stimulatory behaviours, such as rocking on the spot whilst staring at his fingers twiddling. He showed no interest in others and it was very difficult for staff to involve him in activities. As a result, they decided to try and engage him in Intensive Interaction.

After 10 weeks living in Argyll House, the young man’s presentation had changed completely. He no longer looked at his fingers whilst rocking and started showing more interest in what was happening around him – he was able to make brilliant eye contact with staff. He could also tolerate staff touching him and would put his hands into theirs. During some interactions he would even follow staff direction and touch the relevant body parts during “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

He began making happy vocalisations most of the day and it was  incredible to see how far he had come in his short time at Argyll House.